In 1984 a group of Clergy with various denominational and theological differences decided to commit themselves to matters needing a righteous direction in our community. They united under the formal title, the Collective Coalition of Concerned Clergy (CCCC).


The CCCC has provided the African American Community with a forum for discussion, support and a voice that is heard. This powerful organization has also been a force against the evils that arise in social matters. Through the years the CCCC has work publicly and privately to bring positive change to the Muncie Community.


The Collective Coalition of Concerned Clergy is a Christian organization consisting of local pastors who come together to conduct religious programming with instruction and other institutional activities connected therewith of a religious, educational, charitable and benevolent character. The CCCC provides leadership to the Muncie, Indiana community regardless of race, color, creed, sex and religious background. The Collective Coalition of Concerned Clergy obtains its guidance from the rules and orders of the Bible (KJV).